Mushroom Biriyani

On a picturesque evening setting with sun rays streaming through the windows, it was a much awaited reunion with my hubby’s cousins. The house was filled with uproarious laughter, tears of joy, and shy giggles as we all walked down memory lane together, pulling each other’s legs occasionally 🙂

I so did not want to miss one single moment of joy that I actually forgot all about dinner!

In the proverbial eleventh hour, a little voice inside me yelled, ‘Hey!! There is just an hour left for the dinner time…’

Next, a flashback of two things occurred to me: First, the mushrooms that I half-mindedly threw into my shopping cart, just because they were near the billing counter (we don’t always buy what we want, right ?;)) Second, a chat with my dear friend Ramya, after a wonderful church service, when she praised Renu’s mushroom biriyani to the skies.

I must tell you, our services themselves are a spiritual biriyani of sorts 🙂

So, while the guys were busy rofl-ing I sent an ‘emergency’ whatsapp msg to Renu asking for the mushroom biriyani recipe. Only one hour! No plans or preparations! A dinner made in haste always drives me crazy!! The house was brimming with hungry rofl guys !! What if I make biriyani pudding!! Oh Lord, You hear me and You love me!! Come on, lets co-cook and co-create!!

And for God so loved Jofy so much that, we made for the house-full, a rocking mushroom biriyani that night.

Indeed HE never fails!!


A no-fail recipe and all time participant in any feast in the home is this Mushroom Biriyani.

A step by step tutorial below..


1. Soak Basmati rice for 30 mins. I mean 30 mins before you switch on the flame to cook.


1. Heat ghee and oil in a pressure cooker. Add the whole aroma spices and let them crackle. Once you hear your adam shout from the hall, “what is cooking, there?”, you are ready to add the onions 😛


2. Saute the onions & green chillies and cook until they become golden brown.


3. Add two chopped tomatoes and cook until smashed. Add the ginger garlic paste and saute them for a min. ( sorry, I forgot to mention in the ingredients list in the detailed card recipe )


4. Add the bunch of whole mint leaves and chopped coriander leaves and stir for a minute.


5. Add the chopped mushrooms & required salt. Mushrooms will start releasing lot of water. Add the chilly powder and give it a nice stir.


6. Allow it to cook on medium-high flame for another 4-5 mins, with regular stirring to get the water out. We can stop when we get a nice thick masala.


7. Add the coconut milk, allow it to boil for a minute, add the rice. Check for seasoning. Add salt if required. Give it a nice stir.


8. Cover the cooker. Keep the flame in medium low and wait till the steam comes out. Then you can add the weight, keep it for 5 more mins and then turn off the stove. Do not open until the pressure is released and the steam is all gone. And you are done 🙂


My Notes:

1. Serve hot with Raitha and Chips.

2. The chilli pdr has to be measured in two heaped tspns.

3. Take care not to overcook and make the biriyani mushy. Even keeping the cooker covered after switching off the flame, cooks the rice more.

4. My mushrooms are brown not because they are over-fried, Like potatoes, mushrooms are prone to turning brown if cut surfaces are exposed to the air.  If you must cut them in advance, a little lemon juice can help delay any discoloration.

My mushroom biriyani happily participated in
1. Healthy lunch dishes recipe hosted by Full scoops and Priya’s versatile recipes
2. Walk through Memory lane event hosted by Gayathri and Sapana

Detailed Recipe cards below…



Recipe Courtesy – Our Sunday Class Teacher Renu

Content Reviewing and Editing Courtesy – Nitya Kamat


15 thoughts on “Mushroom Biriyani

  1. Yummy Receipe Joe, I will try out this week 🙂 Presentation is awesome… A small tip, instead of coconut milk, you can also add 4 spoons of coconut milk powder 🙂

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