Whole Wheat Nutella Momos, 2-ingredient Snack

That day I made everything clumsy, woke up late, cooked a bad meal, seem to have no interest in work whiled away hours in Face book. Waiting to have a healthy argument with him in the evening to settle yester-night disagreement between us. While browsing the facebook I suddenly happen to read this man’s page – Danny Lee Silk. On reading it post by post, it was so amazing that I felt it’s talking to me. I strongly suggest you should visit this page to understand, how everything about relationship is defined by the term “Keep Your Love ON” no matter what! He Proclaims. Also wrote the book Titled KYLO – Keep Your Love On, one of the bestselling books off the shelves now. On encountering this amazement, I immediately purchased the digital version of the book KYLO and started reading on my tablet.

While reading the book, I stuck to a particular page because of the things it spoke about ” Love Languages”. Oh! Love languages…. seriously? Reading it again and again coming back to it again and again. Love languages are like different types of fuel? Then telling to myself “read it again”…and then went on to understand that “Every person usually has one primary way that he or she receives and shows love – one type of fuel that fills up his or her “love tank.” It’s very essential to fill people’s love tanks with the language they need in order to function and feel connected in a relationship. “Okay, let me stop the intro here”.

The love languages are,
1. Touch
2. Acts of Service
3. Gifts
4. Quality Time
5. Words of affirmation

“I bookmarked the page, locked my tablet, took a deep breath and thanked God for the revelation on “how to understand  my Hubby’s love language”. Having been in relationship with him for more than a year and remembering  what he loved the most and what will fill up his love tanks, I concluded his love language is “2. Acts of service”. I was convinced that instead of arguments, let me choose to use the love language so he can be filled. As I walked to kitchen, in my mind  thinking about the dishes he always wanted me to make and I never did, thank God! for good memory. “Momos” .. Yayyy! I remembered how he asks for momos in a pleading baby tone ( moomoos 😉 ) Finally, for the first time, that night I made momos with 3 variety stuuffings of which this was the best hit nutella momos. From then on, whenever he wanted a easy snack, I go for nutella momos 🙂 Thats my nutella momo story.. so, whats yours? 🙂

Be a contributor in any relationship since your supply is from God 🙂


A step by step recipe tutorial below…






































My Notes:

1. Electric Cooker can be replaced with idli cooker with a perforated plate like above/ any kind of steamer.

2. If you do not have any of them, you can try something like this, but keep the momos covered while they are cooking.

3. Momos when overcooked, become hard. when undercooked, you got to eat the dough. so keep an eye.

4. My momos were very small. You can adjust your cooking time from 5 to 10 minutes dependednt on the size. A sheen on the wheat skin is the endpoint of cooking.

3. Hot water in kneading the dough makes it soft. So, please do not skip it.

Detailed Recipe Card Below…


Recipe Courtesy – Me 😉

Please post your comments or feedback , try it out and send me picture. I will happily add them to my FB Page. Comments/Feedback help me grow 🙂


9 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Nutella Momos, 2-ingredient Snack

  1. Wow mouth watering momos.. Really love this. My kid is a nutella lover.Am sure he”ll love thz. Thnxs Jofy for the wonderful momos. Great effort by u my dear. Keep rocking.

    • Thank You Beulah, I have not read Five Love Languages. But that was referenced in KYLO Book 🙂

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