DIY Tuesdays ~ Homemade Flavoured Paneer

Faith in God is f-a-i-t-h in God only with no if’s and but’s. Yes it is. And I ALSO thought my unbelief/doubt will be a spoil spot in this treasure game. This was a strong conviction within me. In one such juncture, I was trusting God for a treasure. Indeed a big treasure!! The bi-horned doubt beast in me was working 24*7 flushing with what-if questionnaire. My few nights were sleepless, my mind was struggling, my fingers were searching for word that would boost me up and my eyes finally fell upon Pastor Prince’s message about the lady in Bible with issue in blood for more than twelve years, which slapped me with goodness.
Jesus was on a walk and inspite of the multitude thronging HIM, this lady came trembly to Him saying to herself “If only I touch the hem of His garment, I will be healed”. Yes. She j-u-s-t touched the fringes of His garment.
Jesus is not a God who says “You believed in my garment, don’t you know its me?” He is one sweet cool person who says “If you believe your fingers on the fringes of my garment could heal you, your fingers on the fringes of my garment shall heal you”  He says

When you come believing yet doubting, Daddy will forgive the doubt and answer the faith!!

Don be afraid of your needs. I know all your needs.
Don be afraid of your doubts. I know all your doubts.
Be afraid of one thing..


How cool is that? Today I am sharing a tutorial which I started with lots of what-if’s and ended up tasting how cool is that!! 🙂 Yes, homemade flavoured panner. It is foolproof. Even a kid can make it 🙂

Step by step tutorial below…


1) Get a full cream milk packet. I used milk with standardised fat 4.5%. Get the flavour and veggies as per your choice. I chose green, red, yellow bell pepper/capsicum and dominos pizza seasoning. Chop fine the veggies and cilantro leaves.

2) Boil milk to its boiling point. Throw in the veggies and seasoning. You can add pepper powder/chilli flakes too. Simmer the heat at this point.

3) With heat on sim, add lemon juice/vinegar tbsp by tbsp until the milk fully curdles. Do not stir at this point. I used around 2 tbsp lime juice for 1 litre of milk. Allow the whey to separate. Once the whey is completely separate, strain them using a cloth.

4) Tie the cloth like a pouch with the curdled paneer inside and collect the whey in a bottle for future use. Wash the pouch in running water 2 to 3 times and wash it in fresh drinking water for 2 times. This will remove the citric taste. Squeeze the pouch. Tie it under a tap to drain the excess water for 15 to 20 minutes.


5) Once all the water is dripped away, press the pouch and place the pouch on a plate/colander tray.
Keep a weight over the pouch for 4 hours to make the paneer firm in shape. I used cooker half filled with water.

6) Open the pouch with wide eyes and aww mouth to see the colourful flavourful beauty. Slice and relish them in curries/tikka.


1) The whey can be added in curries and can be used to make chapathi dough.
2) Do not overboil the milk as it will harden the paneer.
3) Make sure there is no water dripping from the pouch before you press it with weight.

Recipe Courtesy: The recipe was sourced from one of my CALite friend Ruchi Aren. Here is her blog with many authentic recipes

Please do try, Send me pictures and your feedback 🙂


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