Tandoori Broccoli

Last evening, as I was standing in the billing counter in our local supermarket, I was surprised to see almost everyone checking me out! And same looks even on my way to home. I was walking all the way thinking why? I was wondering if there is something wrong with my dress or hair style or my bag?! Finally found a friend on the way who gave the same look on the broccoli bag I had and said “wow, gurl you have explored cooking this costly queen?” That is where I really wanted to explore her πŸ˜‰ Once I am back home, pulled my chair, opened my laptop, stepped onto google, typed b-r-o-c-c-o-l-i and found many things similar between her and Daddy God. I personally fell in love with this gorgeous veggie!!


Broccoli is from a humble cabbage family.
Of course, our Daddy God who is a king, was born in a humble familyΒ  so that he is reachable to anyone from the king to the servant.

She is the flowering head of the plant.
He calls HIS daughter, rose of Sharon.

She has all the healing properties especially anti-cancer properties.
Daddy has healed every disease on the cross.

She is filled with all the goodness nutrients like vitamin c and fiber.
Yes, Daddy is so rich of all the goodness and the verse says

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalms 34:8

As you taste and see HIM, you cannot thank HIM enough for the goodness HE poured into your life πŸ™‚ Come, Lets now taste tandoori broccoli and enjoy the goodness!!


Step by step Tutorial below…


1) Blanch the broccoli using this method.
2) Strain your yogurt to remove excess water.
3) Prepare the marinade with yogurt, chopped pickle, pickle masala, ginger garlic paste and salt. I used garlic pickle with the garlic pieces chopped. Any favorite pickle of yours can be used.

4) Taste the marinade and add if chilly powder is required.
5) Coat the broccoli with marinade.



1) Thread the broccoli onto skewers and place them on a grill rack covered with foil paper. Drizzle very little oil. Bake the broccoli for 15 mins in the oven at 180 degree celsius. Invert the skewers once a while to ensure even cooking. You can also grill or barbeque them.
2) If you do not have oven/ grill/ bbq/ stove top tandoor, you can use a naan grill. Oil the naan grill, place the skewers on them and brush little oil on the skewers. Switch on the stove and cook them on a medium flame. This gives a smoky flavor to the broccoli. Of course, you have to bear with some mess on the stove if your yogurt is watery. I adopted this way when I was preparing it for blog. Earlier I have made them in the oven. Both comes out good except for the little difference in texture. My oven is not working now and hence could not take pictures of that method.

3) Once they are little brown, saute them on a tawa for a minute on high flame and switch off the stove.


And see the goodness, yummy and a pretty appetizer.


My Notes:

1. It is good to avoid more sour pickle.
2. Straining yoghurt or using hung curd is preferred as it eliminates cleaning efforts.3. The taste has to be eyeballed by yourself with the pickle that you use πŸ™‚

Do try out and let me know πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Tandoori Broccoli

  1. Jofy, how about skipping the grilled portion and putting the marinated broccoli onto the tawa with oil on high flame, just like we do with chinese dishes?? any suggestions…….


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