Homemade condensed milk ~ DIY Tuesdays

Something Interesting this time.. A Mouth watering Dish. It so tasty that i had to lick my skillet til no more of it is left ! Yeah! I Never knew homemade condensed milk could taste better than a one bought at store. As I always limit the usage of sugar in my recipies , it brings me more joy that I can now make low calorie condensed milk mithai. Few ingredients, Few minutes and there you get a delicious condensed milk which is homemade, healthy, foolproof and a money saver. I took an oath i wouldnever buy a Condensed milk from store after my first attempt. Condensed milk is used in eggless cakes and many more Indian mithais. Soon, I shall come with a mithai recipe 🙂
 However the pictures below are the ones after my 3rd attempt. These days, my fridge loves & hosts homemade condensed milk often 😀
Today, I wanted to encourage you that amazing things happen when you step out in faith. If there is something you are craving to make a beginning for a long time, tell a no to all the lies/fear that devil brings in and step out in faith in HIM. God shall hold your hands and take you like His baby.


God’s attention to His children is stronger than that of a mother to her infant child.

 Homemade Condensed Milk – Step by Step tutorial


Here is what you will need…

500 ml 4.5% fat Milk
1 cup sugar ( I usually use 3/4 cup since I cut on sugars )
1 tbsp butter

Cooking time : 30 mins   |   Yields : 1 cup



1) Bring milk and sugar to a boil.


2)  Reduce the boiled mixture for another 15 to 20 mins in medium flame.Constantly stir the mixture for every five minutes.


3) Stop when the milk shows a color change and becomes frothy. There will be a change in consistency.


4)  Switch off the flame, and add butter after 2 minutes.


5) Cool well and store in a airtight can.


My Notes:

1) Keep an eye so that the milk does not burn in the bottom or froth and spill out.

2) Do not over thicken the condensed milk, because it might appear as though it is thin once you switch off the flame. But then it thickens so well, when refrigerated.

Recipe Courtesy – CookingShooking


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