Homemade Chenna for sweets ~ DIY Tuesdays

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Failing with a recipe never disappoints me. More the trials, more good the recipe takes shape. My homemade Chenna recipe is one among them. This is the simple, best. foolproof method to make chenna in just 3 simple steps. A big shout  to Garima for all the tips 🙂

Before I goto the recipe, here is something that I wanted to share with you from my todays read.. Someone needs this..

You may be facing some challenges right now, but it’s because you’re moving forward; you’re making progress. Keep reminding yourself that God is the author and the finisher of your faith. – Joel Osteen

Yields : 300 – 350 gms of chenna for 1 litre of cow milk

Here is what you will need..

1 litre Fresh Cow milk

2-3 drops of Vinegar

3 – 4 Tbspn Curd

A white muslin cloth


Step 1 –  Boil milk in a sauce pan. Add curd slowly. keep stirring the milk until the whey separates. In case the milk does not split enough with the curd, add 2 to 3 drops of vinegar.

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Step 2 – Take a Colander. Spread a white cloth on it. Strain the mixture. Collect the whey for later use. Curd is the best option to make chenna thus avoiding the sourness in the sweets.

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Step 3 – Tie the cloth, Squeeze it well to leave out the excess liquid. And tie it on a dry calm place to remove the excess whey liquid for atleast 30 mins.

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Homemade chenna is ready 🙂

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