Kozhi Milagu Masala/Pepper Chicken Masala

I flipped through the pages of my pretty old diary, something fell down. It was a photograph that throws a smile at me every time I see it. A frozen moment of me peeping from behind daddy who was taking his daughter for a proud ride on his bike. I closed my eyes to recall those memories imprinted inside. The bike’s unique kick start sound makes me nostalgic ha-ha-ha. Passing through the green pastures of my small native village, wrapping his belly with my small hands; To be honest, I only half-heard all his bike time stories and advices. My focus was all the time on the things that seem like moving fast with me. That old faded photograph just brought back my evergreen fresh memories. Just then Lord reminded me that, Our Journey is just like that bike Journey. Keep your ears open to My words and not to the worldly things that pass by. Nailed, is’nt it ? 🙂


The perfect rains outside my windows helped me perfect my pepper chicken recipe. Dish#2 on Christmas Series. Check dish#1 here. This meat dish itself is a perfect medicine for cold.  A delicious spicy chicken gravy that goes well with roti/idlis/rice.

pc (4 of 1)

Pepper Chicken Masala                          Time Taken : 30 mins                            Serves : 4- 5

Here is what you will need..

1 kg chicken chopped into pieces

3 – 4 big onions sliced

2 tspn ginger garlic paste

25 gms of crushed pepper ( green raw pepper preferrable )

5 tbspn of cooking oil

50 gms of coriander powder

1 tspn turmeric powder

2 large tomatoes finely chopped

Half tspn garam masala

Curry leaves


1/4 cup Water


1. Heat oil in a wok. Add sliced onions and fry till golden brown.

pc (5 of 1)

2. Add the crushed pepper, ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, turmeric powder, Saute them one after the other in medium flame.

pc (6 of 1)

3. Add chopped tomatoes, leave it covered until tomatoes get soft and release the juice.

pc (7 of 1)

4. Add 1/4 cup water, curryleaves, salt, washed and chopped chicken pieces. Cover n cook until chicken pieces are 85% cooked. Slow cooking the meat gets the perfect flavors in.

pc (8 of 1)

5. Keep the flame on high, uncover and cook until the gravy is reduced to the desired consistency level. Check salt. My kadai is messy 😉 who cares! The taste yumm.

pc (9 of 1)

6. Add garam masala. Switch off flame. Garnish with coriander leaves.

pc (3 of 1)

When you try this delicious curry, please do not forget to write a feedback with a picture to my FB Page inbox 🙂

Love & Shalom,




7 thoughts on “Kozhi Milagu Masala/Pepper Chicken Masala

  1. hi….i tried this recipe and it came out very well and thank u so much for posting this wonderful recipe:) kindly post some good chicken kuzhambu recipe….

    • Thats great.. Sure there is a naatukoli kulambu or country chicken curry on blog.. Easy to make and taste simply the best:-)

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