Dad’s Prawn Fry, Thanksgiving day post

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It is thanksgiving day today!! And I wanted to dedicate a post to someone special in my life. Yes, this is to my most loved superhero – “My Father” 🙂 I have been writing writing long, it was difficult to complete. Cropping the content here and there, Finally here I am 🙂

If I get a chance to connect his tongue to a printer and allow him to talk to me, all that you could see on the print out is “Drink Water” 🙂 He was the right mentor. I thank him for he gave the secret to healthy and a beautiful life ever.

A versatile human I have never seen or I will ever see. He can do anything and everything. Carrying us ( me and bro ) in his two arms to the school bus stop, Polishing our shoes, Tying our shoelaces, Giving us a oil bath, Washing all the burnt vessels, Giving mom a leg massage, Cooking a full course meal for a party crowd, Throwing a party in our farm, Hunting fresh sea food from the beaches of our native in the early dawn, Befriending his students, Feeding a fussy kid in the family, Singing a bad lullaby, Taking me to the eve bazaar to teach trade, Taking us for a relaxed evening walk, Take all efforts to put us in a top college, Cry all the way leaving us in hostel, Cry like a baby seeing me depressed at my first Java arrears, Carry a ton of coconuts from our farm for 600 miles to give his daughter… Okay I should stop.. Its long.. Oh I forgot one thing.. the care and love he had for mom 😀
Of course, all romance of parents makes the home a castle, agree ? 🙂

Now I understand why Jesus taught us to pray “Father God” 🙂

If you meet my mom for the first time, she would definitely tell I became a dummy in cooking because of my husband. So, I learnt few simple delicious Non Veg recipes from the top chef of our home. So, here is dad’s perfect prawn fry 🙂

Marination Time : 30 mins                          Cooking time : 10 mins

Here is what you will need..

500 gm prawns cleaned

1 tspn red chilli powder

1 tspn corn flour

3 tspn curd

1/2 tspn pepper powder

1/2 tspn jeera powder

a pinch of colour ( optional – I ask dad not to add it, but he does 😉 )


Oil to fry


1. Mix the ingredients to marinade with prawns. Check salt.
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2. Marinate the prawns for the next 30 mins.
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3. Heat oil in a pan and deep fry them for a minute. And you are done 🙂
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I love to have them with curd rice.

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When you try this super easy shrimp starter, please do not forget to send your feedback along with a picture to myFB Page🙂 Your comments always encourage me!

Love & Shalom,




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