Absolute Barcbecue, A CFG Showcase

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Visiting Absolute Barbecue for the third time, this time as part of CFG Showcase. And every time I go, my fingers voluntarily fills the checkbox – I feel pampered by AB ūüôā In spite of the busy packed venue, the AB guys make sure you feel pleasant as no one else is there.

Let me take you through what I relished in AB the most.. Like every other BBQ resto, they make you feel tummy full with the unlimited starters. AB has quite a wide spread of starters. Vegetarian starters included cottage cheese grilled, Achari mushroom, crispy corn, American cheesy potatoes, coconut peanut kebabs, grilled ( bell peppers, corn slices, watermelon balls, spicy pineapple chunks ). The cottage cheese was perfectly grilled and delicious. Coconut peanut kebabs were too soft, melt in mouth kind with chunks of peanuts here and there. Crispy corn was perfect. American cheesy potatoes were good, less spicy but I have had better ones elsewhere. The other grilled veggies and fruits were as usual. Finally the fantastic grilled pineapple glazed with cinnamon and honey. One cannot stop with just one slice, I bet!

ab (6 of 1)                                                                          Grilled pineapple glazed with cinnamon and honey

ab (3 of 1)                                                                                                                          Grilled Achari Mushrooms

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ab (10 of 1)                                                                                                       The Fruits grill 

Now to the non-vegetarian starters. We had mutton pudina sheekh kebab, asian chicken, burnt garlic fish, Tandoori tangri, grilled prawn. Mutton sheekh kebab was okay. The chicken varieties were good. Burnt garlic fish is anytime, the best pick of this lot. They were extremely soft and pleasant in flavors.

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ab (2 of 1)                                                                           Mutton Sheekh Kebab 

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                                                             Fish in the 2nd & 3rd row 

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Starters were served perfect hot and there is always a floor chef to cater to your spice level requirements. They remake any dish for you, in case if you do not feel satisfactory. Complimentary drinks are also served based on your choice. Nicely served in tall glass jars, they were perfect to accompany the starters.

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Next on the journey is the wish grill!! AB stands out with their WISH GRILL

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Wish grill is an opportunity to taste the uncommon meats. Non Veg wish grill has ¬†exotic meats like rabbit, duck, bbq chicken, quail, chicken sausage, scrambled egg, egg fritata, sea food like octopus, squid, prawns. Veg grill includes almost all exotic vegetables like zucchini, bamboo shoots, jalapenos, paneer etc. Choose your meat/veggies, sauces and they grill it for you on the spot. They are delivered in those small red bowls at your tables. Tastes good, yes good ūüôā And not great!!

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I have tasted their non veg soup in my earlier visit – A chicken soup and¬†it was damn yummy. Over to the main course. The spread has¬†hot naans/garlic breads/butter naan/tandoori roti/flat breads, which they serve on your choice request.¬†Some delicious curries to go with them, were on the counter. There was a kofta curry and dum aloo curry which was mindblowing. AB’s special dal was one of the yummiest I have ever had. A hot ball of rice with the dal and the taste still lingers in my mouth! ūüėÄ Besides, there were veg biriyani, thai green curry, Dahi vadas, creamy curd rice with some smoked garlic pickle – yum yum ūüôā Their dahi vadas were one of the best I have ever had. Extremely porous in a cloud of creamy dahi, just awesome.

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                                                             Dum Aloo

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                                                                    Dahi Vadas

Non vegetarian spread included a biriyani, srilankan crab curry which was perfectly spiced and rich in flavors, Lal mirch ka machchi – a delicious fish curry, Omg, I am drooling right away ūüôā Yes the taste still lingers! You should try them out. Biriyanis were okay.

ab (21 of 1)                                                                                                                     Chicken Biriyani

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Besides all these, they also have a hot idiyappam counter with a special Mutton Kheema¬†ūüėÄ

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Finally the desserts and AB is a winner in desserts!! They have an amazing array of Indian traditional desserts along with few mousse, cakes as well. I admit that I could not stop with one bowl of their moong dal halwa. The sweetness and ghee proportions were perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Earlier visits, I enjoyed hot Jelabis from their live counter. There were phirni in earthern pots topped with rose petals, spoon mango cheesecakes, yummy Angoori Gulab jamuns and apple streusel which was just okay.

ab (18 of 1)                                                                                                                      Angoori Gulab Jamuns

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ab (28 of 1)                                                                                                                           Phirni

ab (29 of 1)                                                                                                                                          Mango Cheesecake

ab (30 of 1) ab (31 of 1)                                                                                                                                   Hot Moong Dal Halwa

Out of all the dishes, the one which garners more attention is their coldstone live ice cream. You choose the flavour, sauce, toppings, addons and they make icecreams for you “live”. The Queue for it makes you impatient at times. Pan shoot icecream is amazing, I should say.

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AB is the first restaurant which impressed my mom, dad ūüôā Anybody visiting¬†AB, the first time enjoys thoroughly for their pampering service and the food worth the price. Hospitality at the best!¬†Crossing the waiting area to grab the main course and desserts is not at all comfortable and I am sure AB does something about it. I would definitely recommend AB for you, and reservations before 4 days is mandatory since the place is all the time crowded ūüôā

Buffet Price as below:

Rs.555 Lunch – Veg (Mon-Sun)
Rs. 665Lunch – Non Veg (Mon-Sun)
Rs. 585Dinner- Veg (Mon-Tue)
Rs. 695Dinner- Non Veg (Mon-Tue)
Rs. 695Dinner- Veg (Wed-Sun)
Rs. 835Dinner- Non Veg (Wed-Sun)
Absolute Barbecues, No. 45, GN Chetty Road, T. Nagar, Chennai
044 30853625Love & Shalom,


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