Kesar Rasmalai

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Kesar Rasmalai is a go-to dessert for any party I plan. Know why? It can be prepared a night before and of course it tastes the best when prepared like that. This chilled dumplings in rich milk Ras with crunchy nuts here and there, melts in your mouth and creates a heaven in mouth after that fulfilling party meal. There is a super hit rasagulla recipe on the blog already that I learnt from Garima. Here comes Kesar Rasmalai, co sister of Rasagulla, again a recipe that I learnt from dear G 🙂

This is  a celebration post for my interview being featured as one of Top 10 Blogger Interviews 2014 in Smart Indian 🙂 Check here for more details. Completely loving celebration of such milestones in my blogging journey 🙂 Now to the recipe..
Rasmalai preparation has two parts – Ras + gullas. Ras is the milk Rabri syrup in which the Gullas i.e the Rasmalai discs float. This recipe makes 15 Rasmalais.

Part I – Gullas/Rasmalai Discs

1. Follow step by step recipe of Rasgullas and stop when you reach step 7.


2. Remove the rasgulla balls from water, Squeeze them and keep them chilled in refridgerator.

Part II – Ras

Here is what you will need..

1 litre Full cream milk

Nuts crushed – Badam/Pista/Cashews

Sugar 4 tbspn ( adjust as per your preference )

12 to 14 Saffron strands ( optional if you are preparing only Rasmalai )


1. Boil milk in a heavy bottomed pan in medium flame.

rasmalai (1 of 1)

2. Keep boiling for the next 20 minutes, reducing the milk to half. Add the crushed nuts, sugar and Saffron strands.

rasmalai (2 of 1)

3. Give it a nice stir and switch off the stove. Let the ras become warm.

rasmalai (3 of 1)

Kesar Rasmalais Final Step

Drop the squeezed rasgulla discs into the warm Ras. Allow it to chill in fridge for the next 4 or 6 hours and serve it chilled.

rasmalai (6 of 1)

Please do try out and let me know your comments. Your comments help me grow. You can reach out for any doubts via mail or FB msg. Also, do not forget to send a picture when you try them, so that I can feature your creation on my FB page 🙂

Love & Shalom,



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