Dewberry’s Candle Light Dinner ~ Review

I love a good romance any day 😉  Awarding a day/place/setup to celebrate ‘Love’ which is the best of all emotions, was never in his mind.. But then I realized, a candle light dinner does little wonders in him 😉


Dewberry’s had invited us to review their candle light dinner on Valentines day. We reached the spot, very late evening. Few starters that I relished in my previous visit to Dewberry left a lingering aftertaste, and Yeah, I was all eyes upon the ambience and set up this time. As we were welcomed warmly, “Of course! valentines day or a candle dinner is all about the ambience & set up” said Kavitha Ajay who owns Dewberry.

Cold night, balloons, flowers, lights, melodies surrounding us, and on top of it amazing food served with a pleasant face made our day ! They greeted us with a warm welcome . Wooden planked chairs & table, creepers and climbers wrapping the poles behind, small fountain body at the front, soft lights on the pathway making the greenery shine, red heart balloons on the sky.. Oh yes! you will surely love this place..

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Turn anywhere, you see a heart 🙂 On the table was a Led candle tucked in a tracing paper bag with hearts punched, good enough to  veil all those negatives and unveil that fresh love in you ? 😉 I would have loved having some scented flowers on the table, but I was told that they arrange it for you on request with a cost involved. We ordered few favorites from my last visit – malai broccoli, nut stuffed paneer tikka, prawns, mushroom pasta, elaneer payasam and few more. Starters & Welcome drinks were fantastic as usual. Mushroom pasta was normal and had nothing much to rave about. The Fish steak meal was good. The chocolate sauce and biscuit crumble dessert is a total win win and quite filling. More review about food here. Two beetroot hearts were sitting on every plate to bring a smile in us 🙂

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Very courteous staff, kind enough to help you out with choosing dishes. Oh I forgot to mention, they have a limited menu for a candle dinner, however it includes all their top fame dishes. Staffs visit you upon your request. Someone said rightly that, I ought to be pampered more by my valentine than the rest in a candle dinner. However, there is someone always at a distance your eyes can reach, ready to attend you or take a snap when you do not want a selfie. The place is well maintained and Hubby spotted on those all-outs plugged at the bottom of each table, which reminded me about the mention of mosquitoes in a review I read about Dewberrys in the past. Good to see the prompt care taken.

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One beautiful thing that I took back home along with lushy green memories, is the fresh Strawberry Bouquet. Red Strawberry’s dipped in chocolates, wrapped with green parsley into a bouquet was a romantic punch at the end. Believe me, it was sooo yummy :)You will definitely want to buy it again 🙂

Overall, this outdoor candle light meal is perfect for a romantic evening except for times, the pavement becoming busy with ppl going in and out. No extra charges for the candle light dinner is something attractive. Enjoying a lovable date without spending a bag of bucks on the ambiance, set up, candle light, Popeye would definitely slip in that ring into his Olive’s finger HAPPPPILY . Agreed? 😉

Address :  #6/29, ‘Rajam’, Rajasekaran Street, (Next to Van Huesen Showroom on RK Salai), Mylapore, Chennai

Cost for 2 :  1000 Rs/- Approx

Contact :      098 84 321111


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