Murungai Poo Payasam or Drumstick Flowers Kheer

Murungai-poo-payasam or Drumstick-Flowers Kheer | FoodieAdamCookieEve

Murungai Poo Pal payasam or Drumstick flowers kheer Recipe – Murungai Poo payasam is a healthy bowl of deliciousness. To me, Murungai or drumstick, scientific name : Moringa Oleifera is the most impressive flora on the earth. A generous flora which gives its leaves, flowers, bark etc to help humans medicinally. Drumstick leaves, flowers and sticks have been part of our regular cooking since childhood and the flowers are my most favorite. The flowers are really tasty and they can be fried or added to salads. I love to have them in a kheer. Drumstick flowers kheer recipe that I am sharing here is a mild kheer with crunchy flowers, with a tinge of ghee aroma. 😀

Please do have a look at the enormous benefits of the moringa flowers – They are rich in vitamins, boosts immune system, helps healthy egg and sperm formation, increases sperm count and motility. They are rich in iron, potassium as well. Drumstick flowers kheer taken daily boosts fertility, says the doctors.

#FoodforSoul – Read on.. Wet tissues, clinking coin purse, an age old coolers, a rustic diary..How did I miss that green bottle ?! My hand bag would not step off home with that green water bottle empty. .An empty bottle keeps me worried all through my journey.. I can never stand a thirst.. I am always skeptical about the tap water or used cups in the mall.. So, I keep my bottle filled and keep my worries off.. And why did I write this? 😉
When your mind is full of God, you will never want to worry for the hiccups in your journey.. When your mind is not of God, worries sneak in, dance and sleep. Never miss to fill that green bottle 🙂

Murungai-poo-payasam or Drumstick-Flowers Kheer | FoodieAdamCookieEve


A bunch of Drumstick flowers

1 tbspn sugar powdered with 1 cardamom

1 cup boiled milk

1/2 cup water

1/4 tspn ghee


Remove the flowers from the stem. Put them in a colander and wash it in running tap water.


Gather all your required ingredients.

Murungai-poo-payasam or Drumstick-Flowers Kheer | FoodieAdamCookieEve


1. Heat a pan with milk, water and the flowers.

Murungai-poo-payasam or Drumstick-Flowers Kheer | FoodieAdamCookieEve

2. Boil the mixture in medium flame until it is half reduced. Stir in between. Now add sugar and let it boil for the next 5 minutes in low flame.

Murungai-poo-payasam or Drumstick-Flowers Kheer | FoodieAdamCookieEve

3. Transfer the kheer to a bowl. Add few drops of ghee and serve.

Murungai-poo-payasam or Drumstick-Flowers Kheer | FoodieAdamCookieEve


Notes :

– You can top it with some nuts roasted in ghee. I prefer to keep it plain, just to enjoy the flowers with every bite 🙂

– I have kept my sugar level low. You can adjust to your taste preference.

Please do try out this healthy murungai poo payasam and let me know your comments. Your comments help me grow. You can reach out for any doubts via mail or FB msg. Also, do not forget to send a picture when you try them, so that I can feature your creation on my FB page :)

Love & Shalom,



Strawberry Yogurt Parfait

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My laptop has been sinning for the past one week, Sigh! Yes, it is malfunctioning. Not doing the purpose of its original design. I am waiting to get it fixed as soon as possible. That’s my favorite laptop and of course how can I leave it just like that.

I have been sinning in the past.. Yes I was malfunctioning, not doing the purpose of my original design. God was so loving me. He was not at all angry upon me. I am HIS favorite. His love for me was constant. His heart for me is to get me back to my original design..

HE hates sin because it destroys man

Do we break our laptop if it malfunctions, then How can one tell God is angry and HE will punish when you malfunction ? 🙂 😉 😛 😀

This is a continuation of our discussion on sin here..

Now to the recipe, Here is #2 of Valentine’s day series.. Check #1 here. Strawberry yogurt parfait is a dessert, simple and quick to make. A simple dessert idea for you to surprise your girl with.. Parfait meaning perfect in French is a perfect frozen dessert 🙂

Strawberry yogurt parfait

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Here is what you will need..

This serves 1, You can scale the recipe according to your servings.

1 cup Fresh thick Yogurt

3 to 4 strawberries finely chopped

1/2 tspn sugar

2 tbspn honey

Nuts ( of your choice )

Any Breakfast cereal

Serving glass


1. Strain the Yogurt to ensure there is no water in it. A flavored yogurt can also be used.

2. In a bowl, mix the chopped strawberries and sugar. Leave them aside for 15 mins.


1. Whisk together yogurt and honey until it is nice creamy and fluffy.

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2. Layer the serving glass with yogurt mix, berries, breakfast cereal, nuts.

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3. Alternate the layers and top the glass with a heart shaped strawberry. Tadaa, it is done.. 🙂

sp (4 of 1)

 Serve chilled, immediately 🙂

 Please do try out and let me know your comments. Your comments help me grow. You can reach out for any doubts via mail or FB msg. Also, do not forget to send a picture when you try them, so that I can feature your creation on myFB page 🙂

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Shahi Tukdas

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Third year of married life begins 🙂 And we are excited to see what Daddy God has in store for us 🙂
Reading each other, Understanding each other, learning each other is totally an everyday process. I am so happy that our love has grown year after year, Of course God is the third chord holding our covenant beautifully 🙂

Relationship is a heart matter and not about following a set of norms or points to make it stronger. I know that, still I am happy to share few points that I have learnt on my own in this 2 years journey 🙂

– Investing time in him, makes me efficient in any other work in the world out there.

– Marriage is about learning each other again and again.

– “Sorry” and “I love you” are two magic words in marriage.

– Tiny actions of love are easy way to keep connections strong.

– God shall give the wisdom to talk or do things at right time, right place.

– Overall, marriage is a covenant and it’s so important to make every effort to keep strong connections in our relationships.

I am sure I will revisit this post and update with more points next year 🙂 God has always been interested in relationships. Triune God – Holy Spirit, Father God and Son were in perfect harmony and relationship that they were all one. Husband and wife are designed to be like the Triune God 🙂

“They are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” says Matthew 19 :6

Today, I speak joy and restoration in every relationship of yours in Jesus name, Amen 🙂

Presenting today to you, is what I surprised him with on our second anniversary special lunch – Shahi Tukda/Shahi Tukre, A classic Indian dessert I will be ever proud of. Such a simple recipe but a grand taste. Do try this out and surprise your valentine 🙂

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Shahi Tukda/Shahi Tukre

Preparation time : 10 mins                                               |                                  Cooking Time : 20 mins

Here is what you will need..

1 packet Bread ( brown bread or wheat bread )

Pistachios crushed for garnishing

Oil or Ghee for frying

Heart shaped cookie cutter

For Rabri

1 Ltr Full fat milk

3 tbspns of sugar

salt, a pinch

saffron strands

Pinch of elaichi powder

For Sugar syrup

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

Pinch of elaichi powder


Use cookie cutter to make heart shaped bread slices.

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1. Heat a wok, add oil  or ghee for shallow frying. Once the oil is hot, add the bread slices. Fry on both sides until they turn golden brown.

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2. Drain the golden bread hearts on a tissue paper.

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3. Preparing the rabri – Meanwhile heat a thick bottomed pan. Boil the milk with continuous stirring until it is reduced to 1/4th portion. When it is half reduced, add 1/4 cup sugar, pinch of salt saffron strands and pistachios crushed.

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4. Mix well, Once it is 1/4th reduced, switch off the stove and let it cool.

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5.  Meanwhile mix 1/2 cup of sugar with 1/4 cup water in a pan. Boil them to a light sugar syrup in medium heat. Add elaichi powder, mix well and switch off the stove. Once it is cooled, dip the roasted/toasted bread slices for a minute in the sugar syrup.

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6. Using a tongs or spoon, gently remove the bread slices arrange them on a plate and pour the rabri over it. Top the deesert with pistachios.

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1. The dish is extremely rich 🙂 Eat, enjoy, workout.

2. You can toast the bread slices too, instead of frying.

3. Assembling the shahi tukdas can be done just before serving, so that they remain crunchy and crispy.

Please do try out and let me know your comments. Your comments help me grow. You can reach out for any doubts via mail or FB msg. Also, do not forget to send a picture when you try them, so that I can feature your creation on my FB page 🙂

Love & Shalom,


Kesar Rasmalai

rasmalai (8 of 1)-2

Kesar Rasmalai is a go-to dessert for any party I plan. Know why? It can be prepared a night before and of course it tastes the best when prepared like that. This chilled dumplings in rich milk Ras with crunchy nuts here and there, melts in your mouth and creates a heaven in mouth after that fulfilling party meal. There is a super hit rasagulla recipe on the blog already that I learnt from Garima. Here comes Kesar Rasmalai, co sister of Rasagulla, again a recipe that I learnt from dear G 🙂

This is  a celebration post for my interview being featured as one of Top 10 Blogger Interviews 2014 in Smart Indian 🙂 Check here for more details. Completely loving celebration of such milestones in my blogging journey 🙂 Now to the recipe..
Rasmalai preparation has two parts – Ras + gullas. Ras is the milk Rabri syrup in which the Gullas i.e the Rasmalai discs float. This recipe makes 15 Rasmalais.

Part I – Gullas/Rasmalai Discs

1. Follow step by step recipe of Rasgullas and stop when you reach step 7.


2. Remove the rasgulla balls from water, Squeeze them and keep them chilled in refridgerator.

Part II – Ras

Here is what you will need..

1 litre Full cream milk

Nuts crushed – Badam/Pista/Cashews

Sugar 4 tbspn ( adjust as per your preference )

12 to 14 Saffron strands ( optional if you are preparing only Rasmalai )


1. Boil milk in a heavy bottomed pan in medium flame.

rasmalai (1 of 1)

2. Keep boiling for the next 20 minutes, reducing the milk to half. Add the crushed nuts, sugar and Saffron strands.

rasmalai (2 of 1)

3. Give it a nice stir and switch off the stove. Let the ras become warm.

rasmalai (3 of 1)

Kesar Rasmalais Final Step

Drop the squeezed rasgulla discs into the warm Ras. Allow it to chill in fridge for the next 4 or 6 hours and serve it chilled.

rasmalai (6 of 1)

Please do try out and let me know your comments. Your comments help me grow. You can reach out for any doubts via mail or FB msg. Also, do not forget to send a picture when you try them, so that I can feature your creation on my FB page 🙂

Love & Shalom,