Healthy Veg Soup ~ DIY Tuesdays

The older I grow, the more I realize that my mom is the best love I ever had. I can barely take care of myself during the days when I am sick because her care & nursing are irreplaceable. I can see nodding heads through my monitor now 😀  If you are a mom or to be one soon or mom’s best friend, I am sure you would have admired how she cannot take her eyes off when you are sick and the crazy monitoring she does to chase even a mosquito or fly that nears you. My mom is no different from this theory!

Lets be little honest. Some of us would have loved to fall sick or act  sick-like during childhood days to go grab her velvetty lap. Ha and when the Progress report comes to portray all that you have done, You are afraid of what’s gonna happen and you are tensed. But,she whispers to us one more time evidently that “I care for you and don’t feel bad with the Subject that you could not cope up with , We will Learn together ! Oh man That love for you ! Isn’t it !

Pulling cot to bring me in the reach of her eyes from the kitchen, taking a day off, sitting by my side, reading Bible verses into my ears, Cooking a chat phat lunch, wiping the water off her palms on her saree to check temperature now n then and inventing all possible medicines from her kitchen to put me back on track all the embrace and Hugs…Hmm! . But the One thing that she never forgets to do, is this simple & healthy vegetable soup. A soup that tastes yummy to the sick tongue, and adds upon your immunity. Thereby,it became a regular menu in our weekly meal. Hot soup by mom with some chilly bajjis  by dad on all sunday evenings , nothing can Just BEAT IT . Health, Taste, Joy, Love – A Mom’s Family Package ! As I was writing this, Lord was reminded me of this verse.

Matthew 10:30God even ·knows [numbers; counts] how many hairs are on your head.Mom’s love can go to the extent of chasing a biting mosquito but God goes a step ahead to even count the smallest hair in your head.

Every day, your hair drops. Yet, God knows how many hairs are left on your head. And He also knows how many are growing back! He knows because He bothers to count them again. When it comes to you, He always has time for every little thing about you.

If it matters to you, it matters to HIM. And when you approach Him for help, He has all the time for you as if no one else exists.

I am sure someone wanted to hear this 🙂 Get this message absorbed into you because He wants to remind that to you. Now to the recipe, This soup has got more like a vegetable stock base with some flavor. Soon below the recipe.


How to choose veggies?


* I use almost all the green veggies.

* Add bright colored veggies like carrots, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, bell peppers because they contain more vitamins and minerals.

* Add those healthy veggies that your kids take pains to eat. This is an easy place to cheat 😀

* Add small onions or shallots for they are rich in anti-oxidants.

* Add beetroot for they increase the blood flow.

* Avoid veggies that emit more water or stickiness upon cooking. However, I cannot resist from adding bhindis or ladysfinger, for they are loaded with nutrients.

Few more ingredients that you will need are,

Few curry leaves

1 – 2 tsp pepper powder

Half cup green peas

1 tsp ginger garlic paste

1 tsp ghee



1. Chop the vegetables randomly, add water & salt and pressure cook in medium high flame for the next half an hour. Water level has to cover the vegetables.


2. Once cooked, allow them to cool.  The vegetables have to be more soft and all of their nutrient juices should have released into the water.


3. Strain them into a pot.


4. Grind the pulp that is left. And extract the juice out of it, strain them into the same pot.


5. Make a quick tadka with below ingredients and add it to the hot soup. Serve hot 🙂



This is an absolute healthy tasty soup that gives nice body. Do try out and let me know! I will be waiting for the picture and feedback 🙂