Strawberry Yogurt Parfait

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My laptop has been sinning for the past one week, Sigh! Yes, it is malfunctioning. Not doing the purpose of its original design. I am waiting to get it fixed as soon as possible. That’s my favorite laptop and of course how can I leave it just like that.

I have been sinning in the past.. Yes I was malfunctioning, not doing the purpose of my original design. God was so loving me. He was not at all angry upon me. I am HIS favorite. His love for me was constant. His heart for me is to get me back to my original design..

HE hates sin because it destroys man

Do we break our laptop if it malfunctions, then How can one tell God is angry and HE will punish when you malfunction ? 🙂 😉 😛 😀

This is a continuation of our discussion on sin here..

Now to the recipe, Here is #2 of Valentine’s day series.. Check #1 here. Strawberry yogurt parfait is a dessert, simple and quick to make. A simple dessert idea for you to surprise your girl with.. Parfait meaning perfect in French is a perfect frozen dessert 🙂

Strawberry yogurt parfait

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Here is what you will need..

This serves 1, You can scale the recipe according to your servings.

1 cup Fresh thick Yogurt

3 to 4 strawberries finely chopped

1/2 tspn sugar

2 tbspn honey

Nuts ( of your choice )

Any Breakfast cereal

Serving glass


1. Strain the Yogurt to ensure there is no water in it. A flavored yogurt can also be used.

2. In a bowl, mix the chopped strawberries and sugar. Leave them aside for 15 mins.


1. Whisk together yogurt and honey until it is nice creamy and fluffy.

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2. Layer the serving glass with yogurt mix, berries, breakfast cereal, nuts.

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3. Alternate the layers and top the glass with a heart shaped strawberry. Tadaa, it is done.. 🙂

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 Serve chilled, immediately 🙂

 Please do try out and let me know your comments. Your comments help me grow. You can reach out for any doubts via mail or FB msg. Also, do not forget to send a picture when you try them, so that I can feature your creation on myFB page 🙂

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